Human Chain Protesting Police Action Shutting Down the Exhibition “Crossfire”

Pathshala students will organise a human chain protesting the police action shutting down the exhibition titled “crossfire” at Drik gallery. Join hands with them tomorrow, 25 March, at 4 pm in front of the Raju Vashkarjo in Dhaka University campus. Images related to deaths in extra-judicial killings by law enforces was the main theme of the exhibition. People have the right to know.

Further Resources:

An Installation by Shahidul Alam on Extra Judicial Killings 

Drik press release on forced closure (download as PDF)

Human Chain (Facebook event page on the protest)

Police action against Drik exhibition: It undercuts people’s political and cultural rights (The Daily Star editorial) 

A brazen attack on freedom of expression (NewAge editorial)


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